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Joy To All!  This Christmas Season!

Well we certainly are having a rainy December.

Aww yes, December, that brings Christmas to mind. With just 15 days left until Christmas Eve I wonder how many of us still have shopping to do? I bet most of us.

I got my tree up the other day while listening to classical Christmas carols. For me there’s just something about those traditional Spiritual Christmas songs that bring out the true meaning of the season.

Giving, sharing, loving, and of course entertaining, and praying for love one’s safety as they travel across many miles, to celebrate this special season of joy.

What is this Joy that we all sing about this season?

Is it because we get to see loved ones we haven’t seen for a long time?

Is it because we are going to receive gifts. I must admit there is a sense of joy in watching our little ones’ eyes light up as they unwrap their gifts.

For me personally, there’s a joy at Christmas time when my family comes home, especially when it’s been several months since their last visit. We spend time around the table with homemade goodies and a game while having a great laugh at silliness and jokes that only our family can interpret as hysterically funny.

Yes these are truly some of the greatest joys in life.

Have you ever flopped down on your couch after the last of the last Christmas items and ornaments have been packed up and stored once again? You look around and think to yourself, hmm another Christmas passed and gone.

The living room looks larger and empty because all Christmas stuff is gone. The Christmas tree has left a void. The cupboards are now emptier, as the extra food has all been eaten. The spare room is empty of suitcases and extra bedding. The shoe rack by the front door has lost its’ overflow. The last of our loved ones have said their goodbyes, and now you sit there on your couch in a quiet, forlorn, and empty abode.

I think it would be kind of depressing if we only thought of joy in the context of the holiday season, because at this point I’m not feeling it.

Fortunately for us there is an “Ultimate Joy” that lasts all year regardless of our surrounding circumstances.

Fortunately for all of mankind joy was not meant just for the Christmas season.

Did you know that there is a reason why the word Christ is part of Christmas?

Did you know that it’s because of Christ in Christmas that joy is made available to us all year?

This Joy also comes with a bonus, peace and love, two things that this world is so desperately in need of.

Keep Christ in Christmas, don’t limit the ultimate joy that is available to you all year.

My wish for you this Christmas Season is that you prosper, have peace, love and most of all the Ultimate “Joy” throughout the whole year.

Well enough of my jargon, excuse me but, I get all nostalgic when it comes to Christmas.

Not only do we need Joy Our In Our Life, but We Need physical health as well.

Don’t forget to add our ferment4health sauerkraut to your Christmas dinner.

Our ferment4health sauerkraut is loaded with great probiotics, which is great way to maintain your tummy health especially after eating all those delicious Christmas goodies.

Our Dill Pickle Kraut works great as a dip for vegetables or chips.

Simply place some in a blender with some sour cream and or mayonnaise and blend until smooth.

The pepperkraut medley and beetkraut make an awesome side for any meal.

There are also more great recipe ideas on our recipes page.

I have a link here to the stores that carry our kraut at the bottom of this article for your convenience.

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