Happy Thanks Giving!

HAPPY THANKS GIVING Everyone? Did you notice we have a BRAND NEW improved website? Take a look at http://www.ferment4health.com We are looking forward to providing great services to all of our customers.

Discount Coupons

We will have printable discount coupons to our preferred members. And our recipe section is growing as well. The discount coupons will only be valid for product bought at our shop. In the near future they will also be redeemable at the stores that carry our product, but for now they are only redeemable at our shop.

So we hope you will visit our site for the latest updates and subscribe so you don't miss any important ones. We're continually adding stores to the list, You can also check out our shop hours and address if you want to drop by with your coupon for your discount. We look forward to meeting and chatting with you soon.



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