Sauerkraut! What's That?

What Is Sauerkraut? Several varieties of these fermented vegetable products were produced in China as far back as 2,000 years ago. Romans mentioned preserving cabbages and turnips with salt. Approximately 1000 years later while invading China it was introduced to Europe in its present form. Once introduced to Eastern Europe it really took off. After that it spread to France and other parts of Europe. ​ This type of fermentation was a great source of nutrients during winter months when fresh vegetables were not available. It’s been said that James cook would often take Barrels of kraut on his sea voyages. They discovered that it was also a great way to prevent scurvy while out on long voy

Happy Thanks Giving!

HAPPY THANKS GIVING Everyone? Did you notice we have a BRAND NEW improved website? Take a look at We are looking forward to providing great services to all of our customers. Discount Coupons We will have printable discount coupons to our preferred members. And our recipe section is growing as well. The discount coupons will only be valid for product bought at our shop. In the near future they will also be redeemable at the stores that carry our product, but for now they are only redeemable at our shop. So we hope you will visit our site for the latest updates and subscribe so you don't miss any important ones. We're continually adding stores to the list, You

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