Why Is Raw Sauerkraut Good For You?

Hi! to all of my Blog Followers from Ferment4health. I found this great article written by Dr. Mercola. , that I thought I would share with you my readers. DID YOU KNOW? One way of optimizing the balance between the good and bad bacteria in your gut is by eating fermented foods Sauerkraut is rich in vitamin K that helps strengthen your bones and releases proteins, which regulate bone mineralization Cabbage is an abundant source of vitamin K and provides 85 percent of the required amount your body needs Research has shown that high levels of glucosinolate found in sauerkraut, once they break down, may reduce the DNA damage and cell mutation during the formation of can

Are You A Goal Setter?

Hello! blog followers. I am excited to announce that we have reached a big milestone! We now have our sauerkraut products in 10 stores. Yes we have made it to 10 so far. Bill and I decided on setting some goals when we first started this business. I encourage everyone to set goals, it’s a form of accomplishment and satisfaction that makes one feel good about themselves, and in turn affects the people around them hopefully in a positive healthy way. My 555 Goal One very important goal that I would like to share with you is what we call the 555 goal. The 555 goal is really cool because it actually incorporates several aspects of the business that have to be maintained in unison in order to

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