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How is your Eco System!

The thought of an ecosystem and healthy bacteria

reminds me of a fish tank I had years ago.

I had a 50 gallon tank and tried my hand at keeping a salt water system with some gorgeous fish.

There's a few things in a saltwater tank that are very essential to keeping the fish happy and in pristine health. Well it didn't work out so well for me.

The salt, mineral content and water temperature needed to be at perfect levels in the tank in order to grow a healthy ecosystem within the tank. This allows for the healthy bacteria to grow and multiply creating the perfect environment for the fish to thrive. Well needless to say I lost some pretty expensive fish because I couldn't quite get that delicate balance that is crucial for healthy fish. Plus a few power failures and my poor fish were doomed.

Looks Are Deceiving

The fish sure were beautiful swimming gracefully around the display, in and out of the rock formations that I had taken hours and painstakingly place for just the right habitat.

But what was on the outside was definitely not what was lurking on the inside. It's all about just the right balance.

This brings me to the subject of the ecosystem in the body. Our bodies also need just the right balance. Work, play, rest and most of all a balanced Ecosystem in our gut.

The body functions best when the gut floras (ecosystem) are well maintained.

Dr Mercola promotes raw fermented foods to boost the gut flora and balance the system for optimal performance. Read more at Dr.

How Can I Optimize My Gut Flora

A great way to balance the body's gut flora is with raw fermented vegetables.

One of the best way for me is raw fermented sauerkraut.

Our sauerkraut products are traditionally fermented and don't contain any whey, sugar or vinegar. So it's great for everyone all around. I eat my sauerkraut everyday for an optimal healthy Eco system.

It's important to take time out of each day to balance your Eco system. Your body will love you for it.

And the cool thing is, that our Ferment 4 Health Sauerkraut goes great with any meal.

Next time you're out shopping Simply choose your favorite flavour.

Here at we wish you the best of health and prosperity

Until next time

Suzanne Block

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