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Are You A Goal Setter?

Hello! blog followers.

I am excited to announce that we have reached a big milestone!

We now have our sauerkraut products in 10 stores.

Yes we have made it to 10 so far.

Bill and I decided on setting some goals when we first started this business.

I encourage everyone to set goals, it’s a form of accomplishment and satisfaction that makes one feel good about themselves, and in turn affects the people around them hopefully in a positive healthy way.

My 555 Goal

One very important goal that I would like to share with you is what we call the 555 goal.

The 555 goal is really cool because it actually incorporates several aspects of the business that have to be maintained in unison in order to be accomplished. In other words we need to be prospectors first. By being a prospector I mean

Prospecting Locations

-look for stores that would be great candidates to carry our products.

– make an appointment with the store owners to discuss our products.

– Get their first order.

Then there is production of our product.

Keep up supply and demand.

Now we are not only in retail stores, but we also sell our products at some Farmers Markets.

So we are making sauerkraut a few days a week. This means scheduling time for not only making appointments with store managers and delivering products but also production, and bagging.

Then there’s advertising.

We love to set up demos in the stores to introduce our product to the customers with tasting samples. People usually buy once they’ve tried it.

So what is the 555 goal?

This 555 goal is very simple, and one can change the numbers to suit their situation. We just chose 5 because we liked the number, and took into consideration how many stores potentially would be good candidates for our products, within the Fraser valley.

So our 555 goal is to have 5 stores, in 5 towns, selling 5 bags a day.

If we wanted to stretch our goal further we could add another 5 so this goal would be accomplished in 5 months, but I think we would maybe need some hired help by then. That will be another milestone for the future in our business venture.

So there you have it, the 555 goal.

I encourage you to try it. Maybe you don’t own a business. Well this goal type could be incorporated in our personal life as well.


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