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Sauerkraut Recipes

 Market after market that I have attended I get people asking me what type of meal would go well with sauerkraut, and believe me I've been to many markets over the years, selling our delicious sauerkraut.  You're probably thinking  well I know it's great with  a Reuben  or a Smokie, but there is so much more to sauerkraut.   We make our sauerkraut in five delicious flavours so I can a sure you that one of them will probably go well as a side dish for just about any meal.   

    I have a market customer that says she loves her Dill Pickle Kraut on her salad, sounds delicious to me.   Another customer puts the Sweet Bell Pepper Kraut on her fried egg for breakfast, now that would be definitely something I would try. I'm sure is would go great with toast and bacon.

     I  have compiled some very tasty ones on this site  for our exclusive members to enjoy.  Some of the recipes  that I have tried like sauerkraut sourdough is simply delicious, but then I'm a sucker for sourdough bread with  butter and or cheese along side a glass of wine. 

So I hope you find these recipes interesting and I know you will pleasantly surprised at how delicious they are.  Become a preferred member by signing up below.



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