We make delicious traditionally raw fermented sauerkraut. It contains no sugar, no whey, and no vinegar.  

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Welcome To Our Ferment4health Website

    Thank you for taking the time to visit our Ferment4health website.

This may sound weird to some people but we love sauerkraut. We eat it every day. I can't wait to sample every batch before we bag it.

 Our fridge always has sauerkraut in it.  

Let me tell you our story. 

     At the time I worked on an organic dairy farm in beautiful Chilliwack, BC Canada.

   Churning butter and making yogurt were two of my many tasks. Then one day my friend on the farm asked if  I would like to take a small sauerkraut course with her in Vancouver.

Well, that's when it all began.  My first batch of sauerkraut was so delicious, I couldn't get enough.

    I shared it with my friends on the farm and they also loved it.

In the meantime, I did some research on raw fermented sauerkraut and discovered that it's very healthy and naturally loaded with probiotics and other beneficial enzymes that are great for gut health.

   We decided at that point that we would sell it at farmers markets.

Customers would taste the sample and rave about how good it tasted.

So our sauerkraut business was born.

   Since the fall of 2014 we have been creating this wonderful delicious sauerkraut product.

We make five delicious flavors and now we have it in many stores across beautiful British Columbia's Fraser Valley, and we are adding more stores weekly.

  Traditional fermenting  method

We make our sauerkraut without whey, sugar or vinegar added. We only add enough salt to assist in the fermentation process.

We process it raw and do not heat it. This way it maintains all of the raw goodness loaded with healthy enzymes and probiotics. 


 Please take a moment and browse our site.

We have a page with a  list of stores that carry our products. 

There are wonderful RECIPES and the FOOD4THOUGHT  section is our BLOG.

This is where we like to keep you posted with updates on our business and interesting articles on the health benefits of raw fermented sauerkraut. We also have an online shop with some great gift ideas and awesome sauerkraut making accessories. 

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